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Drawcards - Graphic Design

I used to be full-time graphic designer for about ten years based in Czech Republic. 

Amden Group - graphic designer in creative departure

CzechComputer -  freelancer

ADHOG Advertisement - freelancer

Software602 - Main graphic designer for marketing, sales and development departure

Sinustrong advertisement

D: Sinustrong and Larfasol - Product photos, master designs vertical and horizontal for  BB and CLV, pictograms  

C: Cooperation with ADHOG Advertising s.r.o., Czech Republic,

Art director: Petra Hofrichterova

W: 2018

Sinustrong and Larfasol ad

Dalsi Brehy 2018

D: Design of promotion materials of the festival Dalsi Brehy

C: Town Opava, Czech Republic

W: 2018

The design content promotion materials like posters, headers for social media, brogure and program of the event. This unique "Festival Next Shores", held annually during April in the Moravian-Silesian town of Opava. More about festival

PDF of festival brogure

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