I came to Iceland and absolutely felt for its nature and peace. My first travel to Iceland was in June 2015, and like almost all travellers, even I was driving around the island by car to explore the country's best-known places. Eventually, I visited also Thórsmörk in July 2017. I didn't understand why is this place so powerful for me. I didn't know that till the moment when I hiked the Valahnúkur mountain. That was breathtaking and I started crying for no reason. That place and the view all around the glaciers and valleys was so strong. I come from the Czech Republic which is a completely different type of nature and everything smaller than here in Iceland. Iceland has given respect to nature. Iceland has become my biggest love and my second home. 
I´ve lived in Iceland since May 2018.


Kdo mě zná, ví, že od chvíle, co jsem poprvé navštívila Island, stal se mou největší láskou.

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